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An Olympic Athlete on Visualization, a NYT Puzzle for Meditation and Elmo’s compassion goes viral

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Each week, the editors at Yoga Journal compile moments—sometimes mind-bending, sometimes simple—that remind us yoga is, in fact, everywhere.


A yoga teacher recently told us that Side Crow or Parsva Bakasana is more about side-bending than twisting. We don’t like to say that something is either one thing or the other. Besides, we’re not about to discount how some savvy sequencing of twisting movements preps the body. Adam Husler’s poses will allow you to experience this for yourself.


The Internet exploded earlier this week after Elmo innocently inquired “How is everybody doing?”X. The tens of thousand responses have been described as everything from “trauma dumping”You can also find out more about the following: “emotional intelligence”By the media. Here’s why we think it’s the latter—and how it relates to this thing called yoga.


The New York Times’ Thursday crossword puzzle included the clue “sitting meditation pose”For a five-letter term. Spoiler alert: You’re not the only one to Google it. (Curious what it is? The answer is here.)

Photo of a crossword puzzle in the shadows.
(Photo: peepo | Getty)


“Everybody wants to visualize these perfect scenarios, but that rarely ever happens,”Olympic decathlon champion Damian WarnerIn an episode of the FAREWELL podcastReleased earlier in the week. “Put yourself in realistic situations that you might find yourself in, and maybe then when you encounter those situations in real life, you’ll be more equipped to deal…Am I going to panic or am I going to take a couple deep breaths and follow through…It’s definitely helped take my athletic endeavors to another level….You feel more prepared than you ever had.”

Damian Warner, Olympic decathlete, running the hurdles.
Dietmar Stiplovsek Photo by Getty| Getty )


The Sanskrit language “darshan”It is often said that meaning is a misunderstanding “a metaphysical connection established upon sight.”The Indian-born artist was inspired by this concept Manjari Sharma To create photographic portraits Hindu deities seen through her lenses. The project, “Expanding Darshan,” juxtaposes “issues of identity, representation, and personal mythology,”Sharma.

Organized by the Birmingham Museum of ArtThe accompanying guidebook provides a detailed look at the exhibit. Print CatalogAt the moment, Phoenix Art Museum, where it is currently lent.

Two photographic portraits of Hindu deities from an exhibit organized by the Birmingham Museum of Art.
“Lord Ganesha”The following are some examples of how to get started: “Maa Saraswati.”(Collection of Birmingham Museum of Art. Museum purchase. Manjari Sharma, © Manjari Sharma)


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