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Is Google Leaning Into Astrology? What we know about Google’s latest AI app Gemini.

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Google’s latest AI innovation, released on February 8, combines several different features into a single application. Named Gemini, it’s intended, as The New York Times explainsGoogle asserts in a recent blog post that it will combine digital assistant with chatbot. Google asserts that in a blog postThe AI outperformed humans in tests relating to knowledge and problem solving in areas as varied as “math, physics, history, law, medicine and ethics” and that it’s “far more capable at reasoning”The new version is more advanced than the previous iterations.

Geminis are you familiar with any?

Whether it’s a coincidence that Google named its talking AI app after a constellation and an Astrological signUnknown is the fact that they have an insatiable appetite for knowledge, a constant desire for mental stimulation, quick-wittedness, communication skills, and more.

It wouldn’t be unprecedented for a brand to align a product’s name, intentionally or otherwise, with an Astrological sign. Ford Taurus is a good example. Its name-brand had luxurious leanings, and its reliability ratings were consistent. Free People, a free-spirited fashion label, has named everything from slips, hoodies, and necklaces after individual signs. Even Facebook’s failed The cryptocurrency was named after the balance-loving Libra.

And it wouldn’t be a misguided move for a company to try to align the public’s perception with the traits of a particular sign. Millennials, Gen Z and Gen X are turning to Astrology in drovesMTV reported that 75 percent if these populations were involved in the study. “trust that astrology works.”

With the release of the AI model’s previous iteration in December 2023, Google declared it “the Gemini era.” (Actually, according to astrology, we’re in the Age of Aquarius.) At the time, Google’s chief scientist, Jeff Dean, disclosed insights into the decision early in December when he Posted on XFormerly known as Twitter, the name is derived from the Latin origins of the term “Gemini,”Citing the collaborative nature of teams within the company.

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Gemini’s two brightest and most prominent stars are Pollux, and Castor. (Castor actually is a six-star system.) They were considered twins by ancient cultures.

It’s unknown whether there were any boardroom discussions relating to the tool’s intellectual traits and characteristics commonly ascribed to Gemini. Nor is it clear whether the design for the app’s name, with white lettering on a black background and a star hovering nearby, implies anything. Google did not respond immediately to a request for more information.

The commonalities exist. “Gemini is a mutable air sign, and just as air moves quickly, freely, and without bounds, so does Gemini in today’s world through communication, information, and technology,”Jordane Maree is an astrologer, founder of Girl and Her Moon. She also says that her partner, who is a Gemini uses AI all the time. (ChatGPT to be precise.)

Maree explains the archetype Gemini is a sign of a desire to learn. “mentally take in all it can, constantly learning and processing, so that it may then share this information in as many directions as possible through the spoken or written word. It gathers and disperses. Collects and shares. Gemini is a vessel through which knowledge moves freely and dynamically.”

Whether or not astrology played into Google’s decision, the comparison could be construed as quite flattering. It’s not a common opinion. The New York Times has stated that the app is sometimes problematic. “hallucinates,” one unamused Gemini explained, “Google, of all entities, doesn’t seem to get the nuance of using one of the spicier signs for a buggy new AI system.”

Spicier, indeed. Mercury is the planet which rules Gemini. Mercury has been known for his trickster antics as well as its communicative abilities. According to astrology Geminis also have a tendency towards mischief and are a bit, well, mercurial.

Perhaps we simply need to remain curious and see how Gemini’s functionality plays out when Mercury goes retrograde in several weeks on April Fool’s Day.

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