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Meet Kagen Sound, the Award-Winning Designer Behind the World’s Most Intricate Puzzle Boxes — Colossal

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#Kagen Sound

February 2, 2024

Grace Ebert

As a young child, Kagen SoundDesigned a cardboard box puzzle that required users to move a hidden piece within the work to open. The Rubik’s Cube-esque project sparked a lifelong passion for the designer, who’s now known worldwide for his wildly intricate patterns and sequences.

The following are some of the ways to get in touch with us A new documentaryThe Wired team visits Sound’s garage studio, where he walks viewers through his process and workspace. The designer combines his 20 years’ experience in woodworking with his background in math. Joinery TechniquesTo create springs, geometric sliders, and elegant motifs using interlaced materials. “A lot of times if I can determine a finish for a particular kind of wood, it will unlock a project in itself,” he says. These mind-boggling pieces contain secret mechanisms and maneuvers. International recognitionAs one of the most talented puzzle box designers in all of the world.

Watch the short documentary above, and check out Sound’s InstagramThe following are some examples of how to get started: YouTubeTo see his projects in motion. (via The kids should see this)


two hands hold a round wooden sculpture with angular wooden segments called "The Hedgehog"

a gif of two hands shifting mechanisms in a wooden puzzle box

two hands hold a square wooden box titled "The Pinwheel Box"

a video still showing drawn diagrams and notes pinned to a wall with some wooden mockups nearby

#Kagen Sound


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