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Weekly Astrology forecast, February 4-10: Expansion

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Mercury enters Aquarius and the Sun dances Uranus. A new Moon is in Aquarius. We continue to explore Pluto’s recent era defining movement in Aquarius. As the Sun continues in Aquarius, the themes of evolution and innovation are explored, as well as the expansion of consciousness.

Aquarius is an air sign that is associated with change. It begins by thinking. (Illustration: ProVectors | Getty)

Mercury Enters Aquarius

Air signs in astrology represent the mind. They are ideas, intelligence, mental processing, learning and communication. Their magic lies within the belief that all manifestation begins with thought.

Mercury is also connected to the brain. It is the way we think, learn, and communicate. It is the structures within our minds that create worlds. No one’s inner environment or experience is like that of another. Mercury controls what we perceive, how we understand and relate to the world around us.

Mercury will enter Aquarius on February 5th, 2024. This will open our minds to a much bigger world, one that is beyond the normal confines of understanding and thinking. This is where we can look beyond old-fashioned ways of thinking, or any other limitations that may be limiting us. It is when our thoughts seem to tune into higher consciousness – the collective highway of cosmos potentials. It is an expansion of the individual’s mind into the Universal Mind. Mercury will stay until February 23rd, 2024.

The astrological glyph, or symbol, for the planet Venus, which resembles a handheld mirror.
The symbols or glyphs for the known planets. (Photo: Getty)

Mercury Conjunct Pluto

Pluto’s transit into Aquarius in January 2024 was a historic event. It transformed not only the collective psyche, but also our own inner world. Mercury will enter Aquarius on February 5th, 2024. It will be in partnership with Pluto who is also in Aquarius.

Mercury was the only god in mythology who could and would willingly travel to the heavens and underworld to gather information and act as a divine communicator. The mind is capable of the same. The mind is multi-faceted and layered, taking us to the highest cosmic space and the deepest underworld. It reminds us that they are One and the same.

While Mercury travels within Aquarius, it heightens our intuitive capacity and mental awareness to all that exists above—the cosmos, higher potentials, cosmic information, and new ideas. It also reaches the depths of our subconscious as it collaborates Pluto. It takes us into the underworld of who we are, revealing insights, offering information, expanding our awareness of the spaces within us often less travelled.

Mercury in Aquarius conjunct Pluto offers a beautiful opportunity for revelations, liberation and empowerment. It is when the connection between conscious and subconscious minds is strengthened, enhanced, and clear. Mercury relays information between the two realms.

This conjunction reveals our unconscious drivers, fears and emotions, which are the driving forces behind our actions, reactions and decisions. It brings higher consciousness with freedom, opportunity, and liberation.

Sun Square Uranus

Another dance happening in the cosmos is that of the Sun, which is the core of our identity and life force, and Uranus, the  visionary planet and ruler of Aquarius that is known for evolution, liberation, awakening, and higher consciousness. The partnership will be expressed throughout the week with the pinnacle occurring on February 8, 2020.

Uranuian energies are quick, sharp, activating and expansive. It is a forward-looking sign, like Aquarius. Its purpose is to destabilize what is and crack open structures in order to make room for what is still to come. This space is where new ways of being can begin to emerge.

The Sun and Uranus are both archetypes that we all share. Our Sun sign is a unique spark of light within each one of us. It is the core of who we are, the unique frequency which brings color, variety and difference to all of us.

It can also sometimes be found holding onto stories, narratives, and structures. What does being you mean? What thoughts do you have when asked this question? Does it go to the core memories you have or the identities others have given you? Does it affect your hopes and dreams? Your career? Your family roles and responsibilities, too?

Uranus cracks our identity structures to allow us to reclaim our self-identity and to allow ourselves and our expressions to move beyond any outdated structures or identities that do not align to bring in more who we are becoming.

It reminds that the expression of our soul is limitless in many ways. It is beyond any labels that we could give ourselves or the structures of our minds. It is far too large to be contained within any one role or experience. It is multifaceted. It’s colorful. It’s expansive. And it’s always in motion.

A vintage engraving, or illustration, of the phases of the Moon. It includes circles depicting the Moon and Earth and shows them in relation to one another during the new Moon.
The new Moon is always between the Sun and Earth with its shadow facing us. (Illustration: mikroman6 | Getty )

New Moon in Aquarius

Beautifully adding to our already liberating and expansive week, is a beautiful New Moon in Aquarius. A new moon is the place where all potentials are present. It is the frequency which imbues every form, the energy that exists before the material, and the desires we plant in the ethers.

This new Moon acts as a conduit through which unseen opportunities, perspectives and information can shine through. Holding within it the energies of the entire week, the lunation reminds us of our mind’s role as a divine transmitter of wisdom and receptor of information. Our bodies are vessels for change. They allow the future to become present and potential to manifest. Our visions and desires are part of a divine dance that includes personal, collective and universal evolution and desires.

It shows us spaces beyond our accepted limits, both individually as well as collectively. Beyond the structures that we know and understand, and beyond the narratives in which we were born. What if there was another way? New ways? What if the change comes from looking beyond these boundaries? What if we can see beyond these narratives, boundaries, and ways of being by connecting our individual mind to the universal mind and reaching higher?

Weekly Astrology Invites You to Join Us

This week’s astrology will bring you more opportunities and expansion than this time of no retrograde. It is a time of active mind activity, where we are encouraged explore new ideas, understandings, and ways of seeing, and tap into our higher mind.

This is a week that will bring you greater clarity and intuition about what lies ahead. This is a week for inner insight, a higher perspective and an opening to who you are. You receive the invitations, hear the whispers and feel the massage. As with most life experiences, you can only gain wisdom and beauty by engaging in the experience. The week in astrology can help you discover more about yourself if you choose to.

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