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Weekly Astrology Forecast for January 28 to February 3: Potential

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It’s a new week, one that extends excitements and invitations of epic proportions. As we continue to experience recent ethers, Sun transiting into AquariusUranus moves forward again after its five month retrograde. This movement gives us access to both Aquarius’s and Uranus’s innovative and surprising energies. It also sets up the cosmic stage for two months with no retrogrades.

Weekly Astrology Predictions at a Glance

28 January Uranus and All Planets Direct
Moon in Virgo opposite Saturn in Aquarius
Venus in Capricorn trines Jupiter in Taurus on January 28
Mercury in Capricorn trine Uranus Taurus
Mars in Capricorn trine Uranus Taurus
Moon enters the solar system on January 30 Libra
Moon in Libra square Mars Capricorn

Uranus is last among the planets to move direct, meaning there will be no retrogrades in the next 2 months. Expect a quiet week, but with potential. unfolding. (Illustrations: mikroman6 | Getty)

Uranus and All Planets Direct

UranusIt is expansion, innovation, and higher consciousness. It’s breakthroughs, heightened awareness, and cracking the open so future can pour in. It is fast. The planet, also known as the “Great Awakener”, takes us beyond what we know, the status quo and structures that hinder our magic.

Uranus is retrograding in TaurusSince August of 2023. This has given us the space to become who we are. Integrate the growth and changes that we have experienced and initiated throughout our lives. Sink into the medicine that makes us feel comfortable, intimate and safe with who we are. We have been getting a better understanding of ourselves.

The planet’s sudden forward movement is an invitation to accept, once again, the expansion calling our name. We must welcome the change which has been waiting. And to know that we wouldn’t be drawn to change if we were not ready.

Uranus direct opens doors to new ideas, new consciousness and new pathways for us. It brings our attention to lingering structures, narratives, spaces, beliefs, patterns, or expectations—from within or without—that restrict us in any way.

Uranus reminds of us that we are constantly in motion, just as life itself. Each chapter of our timeline has allowed for us to be who we are now. We have released as much as we’ve grown, and each moment has led beautifully into the next.

As the earth moves forward, we receive a clear and supportive pathway to the self who has been waiting for us. Uranus, while in Taurus, a grounded earth sign, highlights a beautiful contradiction: the more we are rooted in our bodies, we have more access to everything that exists beyond them. The more we are grounded in the tangible, then the more we can access the intangible.

The illustrated symbol for the astrological sign of Taurus, which is the bull.
Taurus is a sign that brings stability and conscientiousness into every situation. (Illustration: ProVectors | Getty)

Uranus in Taurus highlights the body as a receptive transmitter of energy, wisdom, and knowledge. We are given a chance to settle in our bodies to hold more expansion. As if we were vessels for consciousness to pour into at any moment.

Taurus’s influence on Uranus also nudges us to seek simplicity. The simple but profound truths about being human. The places and activities that make us most like ourselves. The quiet moments, the silence, that somehow seem to hold a lot.

Your invitation from Astrology this Week

This week we invite you take a step forward and feel supported, safe, and ready, so that you can say yes when the time is right.

Reflect on your life’s timeline. What were some of the major moments in your life when you experienced a transition? Did they have anything to do with breaking free? Leaping into change? What actions have you taken to realize your potential and embrace a new way to be? What were the moments in your life that allowed you to be more of yourself? How did these moments, experiences, actions, and leaps continue to ripple into your future in ways that you couldn’t possibly have seen in the moment?

Uranus is here to help. It increases your ability to see the future. You can choose with intention the direction, energies and way of being you wish to bring into life as you enter the realm.

This week, try meditation, embodiment practices (such as writing), writing, imagining and dreaming, exploring possibilities, outdoor grounding exercises such as hiking and opening your mind and body up to new things. Uranus invites you to explore these invitations as it moves again forward.


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