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What the New Moon in Aquarius February 2024 Means for You

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The second new Moon of 2024 lands in Aquarius, bringing you an opportunity to set your frequency for the rest of the year. Aquarius teaches us to think in terms of energy. Life is a constant give and take of energy. We are constantly absorbing and reacting to the energy around us. We are also defining it. Some days we shape the collective. Other days it shapes us.

The new Moon in Aquarius is a time to recognize how it feels to absorb the energy around you versus how it feels to define it. It’s a time to decide how you want to feel.

The new Moon exact is February 9, 2024, at 3 pm PT.

What the New Moon in Aquarius Means for You

Aquarius asks that we break out of old patterns and into a new paradigm. This new Moon, the Sun and Moon land near Saturn, the planet of responsibility. Saturn asks that we commit deeply to what matters most to our souls, even if it becomes challenging or inconvenient.

As you work with your frequency and energy this new Moon in Aquarius, feel into what you want to be responsible for in yourself. Ask what you may be ignoring because it was too difficult to face or integrate. Is there a truth you’ve been ignoring? How can you honor it with your attention and devotion?

Feel into your resounding truth this new Moon. What does your soul desire? Look past the expectations from society and family. We share knowledge and influence others through the vibrations we emit. Many people may have decided for you what your life will look like, but it’s ultimately up to you to create the life you truly desire. First, recognize the decisions you’ve made for other people to impress them, make them happy, or prove your worth. Become aware of all the ways you sell your potential short to live up to someone else’s image of you. Shift these patterns of behavior by becoming aware each time you do something, say something, or think something that belongs to someone else.

As you clear out the expectations of others, feel into who you really want to be. Feel into who you are in your soul. What kind of life do you want to live? What do you want to accomplish? And what are your markers for happiness?

As you make your way through this new Moon in Aquarius, feel into your truth. Some of the answers may shock you or feel foreign at first. As you step into your authentic self, it may feel uncomfortable. Give yourself some time, and know that once you find your way home, you’ll never leave again.

An earth sign, Taurus brings you a sense of down-to-earth reliability and dedication. (Illustration: ProVectors | Getty)

Other Astrological Influences on the New Moon in February 2024

The Moon and Sun also square Uranus in Taurus, bringing up some tension around breaking patterns. Notice if you are holding onto old habits out of familiarity. You may not know who you are yet with these outdated behaviors and beliefs. Honor this space between your old and new selves. It’s okay to feel lost.

Any time we go through transition, there is always resistance. We cling to what we know because it feels safe and makes us feel in control. It can be very tempting to go back to old ways of thinking, feeling, and being. Once you become aware of them, though, they will never feel the same again. You will always know they are not aligned with your soul. Patterns that no longer fit you are like a pair of shoes you’ve outgrown. They may be perfectly molded to your foot, but they no longer hold space for your growth.

Notice areas of your energy that may be resisting change. What emotions come up when you think about breaking your old patterns? What does it feel like to believe that you are free to be who you want, not weighed down by the expectations of others? Honor how you feel through the process of shifting your energy. It’s okay to be reluctant to embrace a new way of being. It is important, though, to keep reminding yourself of how you want to feel and what will help you feel that way.

The words, in an old typewriter font, "I decide my vibe."
(Illustration: Unknown)


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